Zip Line Adventure

There are over 60 activities in total with about 750 metres of Zip lines so be prepared for hours of adrenaline-fuelled hen party activity. Climb high into the tree canopy and swing into cargo nets, surf with a difference and zip down over one of our many zip lines. And for those who claim to be fearless, there is always the base jump….

Climb it, Swing it, Surf it, Zip it but above all have fun and be adventurous.

Locations Available:


What to Expect:

It is the first high-wire aerial forest adventure. The platforms are built on trees at various heights (ranging from 1 metre to 20 metres off the ground) and then connect them with a range of activities to allow the participant move from one tree to another.

At the beginning you are fitted with a harness to ensure your safety and our qualified instructors will give you a short initiation course to explain the features of the course and equipment (and to make sure you know what you’re doing).

There are four different circuits, with each circuit getting a little bit more challenging than the previous one but you probably won’t even notice this as you move along, activity by activity.

What to Wear:

We would recommend that you wear something comfortable and you don’t mind getting it a bit dirty. Bring a rain jacket if the forecast. You should wear comfortable shoes with good grips, no sandals or open toe shoes are allowed.

Long hair must be tied back and it’s recommended that body piercings be covered. You will be supplied with gloves to wear while on the course. Midriffs should not be bare as the harness may chafe.

We do not provide storage for your belongings. There are toilets in the Visitor Centre where you can change before or after. It’s also recommended that you go to the toilet before starting the course.

Costs €35 per person

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