The Cube Challenges

Have you watched TV’s “The Cube” and taught, “That Is EASY”.
Well now you can see just how “EASY” it really is on this fun hen party activity.
Have your hen party compete to see who is the master of “Cube Challenges”.
These games are based on challenges preformed on TV3s “The Cube” but with the twist that they are played on a head to head basis. Each player has 2 attempts at each game.
Post It:
Deposit 10 balls through the hole in the quickest time.
Move 10 balls from one box to another….Do it faster than your opponent and you win!
Square Tower Move:
Can you move 9 bricks from left to right?
Round Tower Build:
Build a round tower structure from scratch out of 1 inch diameter cylinders, Simple?
Ball Stack
Stack 6 balls on top of 1 inch metal tubes…Speed is everything in this game.
It all sounds so simple right? It’s not!!!
Min 10 people required
Takes approx. 90 minutes
This hen party activity is available all over Ireland

Costs €25 per person

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