How to do a 1920’s / Flappers / Charlston Themed Hen Party :

Inspired by: Cabaret & films such as Bugsy Malone, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy.

1920s / Flappers / Charlston Themed Hen Party Invitations

The invitations of any hen party sets the tone for what is ahead. The 1920’s Invitations do not have to be over the top to get the point across…check out these images on to get your creativity going:

1920s / Flappers / Charlston Themed Hair & Make Up

1920’s/Flappers/Charleston Hair is all about the Bob or if you are blessed with long hair an updo suits perfectly with the all important Finger waves.

1920’s/Flappers/Charleston Makeup was quite porcelain with deep red lips with a little bit of rouge on the cheeks. The eyes were quite dark, a good smokey look suits this theme. Alot of the time they put a little black beauty mark above the lip.

* Images from

1920s / Flappers / Charlston Themed Party Favours

With the Prohibition in full swing in the 1920’s Moonshine was made illegally the below little bottles would be perfect for the 1920’s/Flappers/Charleston theme. The all important Cigarette Holder is a lovely favour to give with this theme available here for just €4 each

1920s / Flappers / Charlston Themed Party Decor

I would reccommend black, gold, red or white as your staple colours for the 1920’s Flappers/Charleston hen party theme.

Simply adding a black table cloth & a large boah can also transform a room. If you can get your hands on the menu transforming them to a 1920’s feel really adds to the whole event. It can be the little things like these desserts & cupcakes that can just pull a theme all together.

1920s / Flappers / Charlston Extras

You can really go all out with the 1920’s Theme. The Photobooth has to be my favourite. It is soo easy to set up but the memories last forever. Check out this page for some inspiration for a photobooth

Daytime Activities That Suit a 1920’s Themed Hen Party

Traditional Murder mystery  this hen party activity Can be done all over Ireland @ €35 per person

Charleston Dance Class this can be done all over Ireland from €20 per person

Makeover & Photoshoot Can be done in Athlone, Carrick On Shannon, Sligo, Limerick, Mullingar From €30 per person

1920’s Cocktail Making available in Carrick on Shannon @ €25 per person

How to do a 70’s / Flappers / Charlston Themed Hen Party

Inspired by: The Hippy Revolution in the Late 60’s early 70’s.

Hippy Themed Hen Party Invitations
Hippy themed invitations are very easy to do just think 70’s colour, colour and more colour. Here are a few examples to get your creativity going.

Themed Hippie Party Clothes

You can go in two different directions with this hen party theme the fancy dress of the actual hippy clothes that Hippies wore. It is easier to go with the Fancy dress as it is easy to get a hold of a Hippy costumes but to make it different it is worth considering the Genuine Hippy Clothes. Whatever you choose make sure everyone in the group knows what way you are going with it.

 Themed Hippie Party Hair & Make Up
Since hippies of the 60’s focused on simplicity, their makeup was basic, and in many cases almost appeared to be non-existent. Conceal any unwanted spots, dust a fine layer of powder over skin to reduce shine, and choose a light pink/rosy blush or bronzer. If you want to wear more than chapstick, I would go with a really nude lipstick or gloss and go easy on the eyes. Light coat of mascara and you should be done.

Themed Hippie Party Favours & Food
The Hippies were big into their Organic Vegetarian Foods this might be a bit of a stretch for some people. To try crowd please you can opt for a Veggie burger to keep it authentic or even better get a few Cookies with “Far Out” “Groovy” etc on them with Multicolored Cup cakes that should continue the theme through to evening time.

Themed Hippie Party Decor
Tie-dyed fabric, Peace signs, Lava lamps, Daisies, Peace Signs, Smiley Faces, Beads & Incense are the main things you need to make a space a Hippy Theme. If you want to add a little more to it, An authentic looking sign “Hippies use back door” is a good idea or a cut out of a VW Bettle where people can get pictures taken will also add something a little different to the room.

Hippy Theme Party Activity
An essential hen party activity for a hippy themed hen party is the Disco Dance Class. The Dance classes are available all over Ireland. You will learn a dance routine to “Hot Stuff” Costumes are also provided for the Disco Dance Class.

Alice in Wonderland

How to do a Alice / Wonderland Themed Hen Party :

Inspired by: Alice in Wonderland


Black & Bling Theme

How to do a Black & Bling Themed Hen Party :

Everything Sophisticated and Chic with Black and Bling!

Black & Bling Themed Hen Party Invitations

All invitations set the tone of a Hen Party theme and let people know what to expect from the night. These Black and Bling invitations really set the tone for a Black and Bling Hen Party theme.

Black & Bling Themed Party Attire

Below are a few images of what might suit to wear to a Black and Bling Hen Party.

Black & Bling Themed Party Decor

It is easy to further incorporate the Black and Bling theme into the Decor. Simply add a Black tablecloth/runner a few Black balloons and a few key pieces of Bling to really have that wow factor.

Black & Pink Theme

How to do a Black & Pink Themed Hen Party :

Inspired by: Black and Pink – Classy

Black & Pink Themed Hen Party Invitations

All invitations set the tone of a Hen Party theme and let people know what to expect from the night. Anything that is Black & Pink and you are onto a winner!

Black & Pink Themed Party Attire

Again anything that is Black and Pink is the idea. You can either get the Bride to Dress in Pink and everyone else to dress in Black or the other way around or you can just mixed and get everyone to wear something black and something pink.

Black & Pink Themed Party Decor

To keep the theme running through dinner etc it might be worth even just popping a few pink and black napkins onto the dinner table. Here are a few inspirational images to get you started….

How to do a Moulin Rouge Themed Hen Party :
This theme incorporates all things Burlesque/Cabaret/Can Can & Moulin Rouge Related.
Moulin Rouge is a French term the English translation is “Red Mill”, The Term Moulin Rouge originates from the famous Paris cabaret called Moulin Rouge. There have been many feature films made about Moulin Rouge. The one we are most familiar with Moulin Rouge! 2001 film directed by Baz Luhrmann tells the story of a young Scottish poet/writer, Christian (Ewan McGregor), who falls in love with the terminally-ill star of the Moulin Rouge, cabaret actress and courtesan Satine (Nicole Kidman).

Moulin Rouge Themed Hen Party Invitations
There are so many options for this Theme. Check out below some of your options …all courtesy of

Moulin Rouge Themed Party Attire
Oh la la It is all about the corsets, fish nets & Feather Boas for this Hen Party theme. Stick to Black Red & Purple colours. Below are a few images to get your ideas flowing!




Moulin Rouge Themed Party Decor
Using Black & Red colours are the sure way to get a room to look Burlesqued. See images below for inspiration on how you can decorate your room to portray your Moulin Rouge Hen Party Theme. You do not have to go all out and decorate the whole place but even just the candle holders on the table tie it all together.


Moulin Rouge Themed Packages & Activities:
A Burlesque Dance Class activity is the obvious choice for this hen party theme. If you are really adventurous a Moulin Rouge Dance Class and Music Video would be Perfect…a great momento of the night!

Click here for information on the Dance Classes available for Hen Parties.

How to do a Christmas Themed Hen Party

Inspired By: All things Christmassy!
The Idea though is to do this theme for a hen when it is NOT Christmas therefore adding the hilarity to it.
Stick to Red & White and you cant go wrong.

Christmas Themed Hen Party Invitations
There is any amount of scope with this one generally keep it red and white and your onto a winner but we did come across these to give you some inspiration.

Christmas Theme Party Attire
You can go a few ways with this you can stay classy and do structured Dresses in the Red or White or you can do the “Christmas Jumper” or you can do the Fancy Dress Costume the option is yours just make sure you specify to everyone attending which one you are going with.

Christmas Themed Party Favours & Food
The dependable Cupcake is always there. I like the Idea of the beer bottles with the Christmas tag on it very creative. The Christmas plastic wrapping with the Round tag look soo cute and can have just a small present in them like a Christmas Cookie and yet have a very big effect.

Christmas Themed Hen Party Decor Ideas
I am a very big lover of the Martha Stewart Pompoms as they just look so elegant and can give a very big effect for very little cost. The DIY printable s and paper stars seen below are great for creating an atmosphere without much cost. The dependable Candy Canes are great for creating a Christmas mood just by being there on the table!

Inspired by:
All things Hawaiian – think bright colours, cocktails, leis and sunshine.

Hawaiian Luau Themed Hen Party Invitations
Below we have a few ideas for Hawaiian Luau Themed Hen Party Invitations all found on

Hawaiian Luau Themed Food
The Food is a very important part of a Hawaiian Luau Themed Hen Party almost as important as the cocktails (almost). I would recommend a BBQ if you can, buffet style fruits and nibbles creates the perfect tone for this theme.

Hawaiian Luau Themed Cupcakes & Cocktails
What Hawaiian Luau is complete without Cupcakes and Cocktails? The Cocktails in coconut shell or a hollowed out Pineapple is an absolute must, below are a few more ideas.

Hawaiian Luau Themed Decor Ideas
For a Hawaiian Luau themed Hen Party it is all about the décor. The more colour the better. It is sometimes the small things that make the big difference like the Hawaiian themed cards on the buffet table below.

Hawaiian Luau Themed Attire
It goes without saying that the first thing people think about when they think of a Hawaiian themed Hen Party is Grass skirts and Leis however you can make this what you will perhaps you can go vintage or modern, make sure you specify which you are going with so the guests know what to wear – have a look at our Hawaiian Luau themed hen party outfits below:

Activities That Suit a Hawaiian Luau Themed Hen Party
The best activity for this theme is the Hawaiian themed Dance Class – Learn how to Hula like a pro. They come to your location so if you are planning to have this party at home that is not a problem.

Check out our Dance Classes Here

Check out our Pinterest pagefor more Hawaiian Luau Themed Hen Party ideas

Inspired by:
All things Irish of course. Think 40 shades of Green, Shamrocks and Guinness.

Irish Themed Hen Party Invitations
As long as it is green you are onto a winner…see below for a few Irish themed Hen Party invitations that may spark some creativity for you.

Irish Themed Party Attire
Again as long as it is green you are well on the way to having the Irish theme down to a tee…speaking of which we just love these Disney & Irish themed T-shirts.

Irish Themed Cupcakes & Cocktails
What girl doesn’t like Cupcakes and Cocktails…now ask yourself what girl doesn’t like Green Cupcakes and Cocktails.

Some Ideas to get you started here:

For more information on the cocktails follow our Pinterest board

Irish Themed Party Favours
We love the Irish themed Chocolate bar on the images below – such a great idea as a hen party favour.
party favors & food
Activities That Suit an Irish Themed Hen Party
The obvious choice of hen party daytime activity for an Irish Themed Hen Party is Irish or Sean Nos Dance Class. Maybe even do the Music video option at the end to remember it by.

Click here to see the dance options available all over Ireland.
Irish Theme Accessories

How to do a Nautical Themed Hen Party :
Inspired By: Navy, Red & White

Nautical Themed Hen Party Invitations
There is certainty plenty of choice with design Ideas when it comes to Invitations even just Navy paper with a Ribbon and a simple anchor tied to it really gives the Nautical theme right from the start.

Nautical Theme Party Attire
There are sooo many options for this! You can do the Entire Fancy dress costume as a Sailor girl. Or you can make this classy and do a Red dress and white and navy accossories. You can do vintage with a vintage fitting dress either in Navy or White or Red or you can do casual with the Sailor Pants as per the below picture. As long as you keep to Navy, White and Red you are onto a winner. Do try and specify to everyone though what way you are going with the outfits.

Nautical Themed Party Hair & Make Up
There is no set style at all for this but hair to the side if you are wearing a sailors cap with bright red lips is very sexy. If you are going Vintage wear a vintage hair style. Again I can across these nails and thought they were soo good I had to add them in.

Nautical Themed Party Favours & Food
To Really Cap a Nautical Themed Party there is nothing like fish & Chips in newpaper to make it authentic. The Nautical themed favors are also a lovely keepsake and a nice touch to pop into the hen parties rooms. I love the Nautical Sticks which are soo easy to make and make everything seem Nautical.

Nautical Themed Party Decor
I just love the idea of the Blue Napkin wrapped in String with the Polo mint as the Lifeboy – Genius! Another very simple Idea is the Netting on the roof(very cheap) with Balloons and Cut outs of underwater life this is so simple to recreate and very effective. Sand with candles are again very Nautical and effective. The Navy, White and Red Bunting is soo cute and can tie a whole room up in the Nautical theme.

Nautical Theme Party Activity/Package
It just has to be the Booze Cruise if you are doing a Nautical Theme. We can arrange for a Booze Cruise in Athlone or Carrick On Shannon @ just €15 per person.

If however you wanted something a little different why not hire a private cruiser with your meal and drinks on board in Sligo for 3 Hours – Trés Chic!

Nautical Theme Accessories

How to do a Pink Ladies Themed Hen Party:
Grease the Movie. The Pink Ladies consist of Rizzo, Frenchy, Marty, and Jan… Not to mention “Sandy”.

Pink Ladies Themed Hen Party Invitations
The Invites should outline the date, location and it should specify if costumes are mandatory or not it must show straight off that it is a “Pink Ladies” themed hen party that is the most important point.

Pink Ladies Theme Party Attire
If you are doing the Pink Ladies theme the Pink Ladies jackets over Black Jeggings (Think about tight leather or pleather for more of an edgy look) and Black top is the ultimate outfit however a Simple T.Shirt with Pink Ladies on it & Perhaps their name such as “RIZZO” is also a good look. Think about a pink scarf, leopard print scarf, polka dotted scarf, or cat eye sunglasses chew pink bubblegum to add to the overall look. Don’t forget to have a Black Leather Jacket to make the Bride to be “Sandy”.

You have various options to capture the Pink Lady look. You can throw your hair up in a pony tail and tie a scarf around it, or you can purchase a wig with an outward flip that’s reminiscent of the 1950s.

Pink Ladies Theme Party Food

Grease was set in the 1950’s so diner food is the menu for the evening. Hamburgers with a tall root beer float and french fries on the side. Mix up some strawberry, chocolate or vanilla milkshakes to wash it down. Cup Cakes with Diner & 1950’s Themed toppers are just right for dessert. Eddie Rockets or a Diner would be perfect for this theme.

The Pink Lady Cocktail

Th Pink Lady Cocktail as seen in the picture below is a classic gin-based cocktail with a long history.
1.5 oz. Gin | 4 dashes grenadine | 1 egg white

Preparation : Shake ingredients very well with ice and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry.

Pink Ladies Themed Party Decor
To keep the theme going all evening Decorate the Dinner table or the room with Streamers to emulate the dance scene from the Movie. Use red and white for Rydell High, and use plenty of crepe paper streamers and balloons to keep the innocent, upbeat feeling of the 50s alive. Hang old records from the ceiling and on the walls.

Decorate with a real or inflatable jukebox (Or a Cut Out) and hanging inflatable guitars from the Roof. Find “Grease” movie posters and other 50s-themed posters to hang on the walls. Use old-fashioned ketchup bottles and napkin holders on the table at the party.

Pink Ladies Theme Party Activity/Package
Do the Super Slumber Party package in Athlone with the Grease Movie to get you all in the mood with Karaoke after the movie so you can sing your heart out to all the 1950’s Classics.

Let us arrange a dance class for you and learn how to Jive 1950’s Style anywhere in Ireland.

Pink Ladies Theme Accessories

How to do a Rockabilly Themed Hen Party:

Inspired by: Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music, dating to the early 1950s.
The term “rockabilly” is a portmanteau of “rock” (from “rock ‘n’ roll”) and “hillbilly”, the latter a reference to the country music (often called “hillbilly music” in the 1940s and 1950s) that contributed strongly to the style’s development. Other important influences on rockabilly include western swing, boogie woogie, and rhythm and blues. While there are notable exceptions, its origins lie primarily in the Southern United States.

Polka Dots/Coloured Leopard Print/Bright Red Lips

Rockabilly Themed Hen Party Invitations
There are so many Ideas for Rockabilly Invitations I especially love the one in the middle below and the 7Inch Vinyl used as an Invitation…

Rockabilly Theme Party Attire
Halter dresses with sweet-heart necklines, bust ruching and fitted waists.
High-waisted pencil skirts in either black or red.
Full-gathered maxi skirts in floral prints or bright solid colours.

High-waisted ankle-length pants, paired with men’s striped dress shirts (roll up the sleeves and tie a knot in the front). Consider heart tattoo-inspired necklaces, leopard print or hounds-tooth purses, headbands, hair nets and small classic earrings. For an extra touch, add a flower to your hair, preferably a red rose or a large vibrant flower matching the color of your outfit.

Rockabilly Themed Party Hair & Make Up
For your eyes, apply a thick layer of eyeliner on your top lids, to create the “cat-eye” look. You may also wish to use some large, full false lashes to further enhance your eyes.

Finally, put a thick layer of bright red lipstick all over your lips.
The Quiff is essential…

Rockabilly Themed Party Food
Think Polka Dots and 1950’s Diner. I just love the use of the Vinyls as a cupcake stand and as place mats this Idea would tie in nicely if you did a Vinyl invitation also.

Rockabilly Theme Party Activity/Package
A really Suitable Rockabilly Themed Hen Party is the Vintage Tea Party In Carrick On Shannon Arrive at the Rockabilly themed Hair Salon where you will have the use of a private Tea Room You will all then get the essential 1950’s Quiff and Make Up done while the rest sit back and nibble away in the Tea Room.

How to do a Vintage Tea Party Themed Hen Party :

Inspired By: Think of Old aristocratic English Country Lady having her afternoon tea. The floral patterns seen nowadays in relation to this era derive from the patterns on bone china tea cups.

Vintage Tea Party Themed Invitations
Here are a few Vintage themed Hen Party Invitations for you to get an idea of what works for this Vintage Tea Party Hen Party Theme. Make your own Tea Pot Invitation here

Vintage Tea Party Themed Decor
It is all about the décor for this theme…what is a Vintage themed Party without Vintage themed Décor.
Think Florals, Bunting, Tea cups, saucers, China everywhere, use them as decoration with flowers in it… See images below for some inspiration.
How to do DIY Floral Vintage styled Lanterns
How to Create Doily Vintage Bunting
Get Tea Time Banner

Vintage Tea Party Themed Cupcakes & Drinks
The simple Cupcake is so adaptable to each theme see some inspiration below. The Dessert table below should inspire some creativeness – desserts in teacups & Cocktails in teapots how very vintage Tea Party of you!

Vintage Tea Party Themed Party Favors:
Favours are not essential for a Hen Party but I do love the Idea of giving everyone a small momento of the night to take with them. Check out these Ideas below:

Vintage Tea Party Themed Activities & Packages:
Well an afternoon tea of course or one of our favourite Ideas is the Vintage Tea Party inspired Photoshoot starting from just €30 per person. The Makeover and Photoshoot activity is available in Galway, Carrick on Shannon, Sligo, Westport, Limerick, Athlone & Mullingar

Click here for information

Where’s Wally

How to do a ‘Where’s Wally’ Themed Hen Party :

Colour Palette: White and red stipes is the idea

Where’s Wally Themed Hen Party Invitations

This is a few examples of Wheres Wally Themed Invitations for some inspiration….

Where’s Wally Theme Party Attire

It is a must that you wear Red & White Here is a few ideas:

Where’s Wally Themed Party Hair & Make Up

Thankfully there is no set design for the hair and make up for this theme however I did come across these nail ideas and just loved them.

Where’s Wally Themed Party Favours & Nice Ideas

Hen Party Bags on arrival – If you are going to do Favour Bags a nice simple touch is to have Red & White Stiped Bags of Sweets for all the Girls as they arrive or in their room on arrival.
You could also give everyone attending the Where wally Glasses.

A wheres wally keyring keepsake is also a nice idea.

You can arrange for Hot Chocolate with Red & white Striped Napkins or Straws after the hunt around town – This is a nice way to get everyone back together & I just love these Wheres wally Cake pops to serve with it.

Where’s Wally Themed Party Decor

There is soo much scope for this as once you keep it red and white you are onto a winner
Here are a few images and all things that can be recreated for little cost.

Where’s Wally Themed Presents for the Bride to be

I just love the “Found Him” Wheres Wally PJS or the Essential Wheres Wally Bag.

Where’s Wally Themed Cakes

There are so many nice Ideas for a Wheres Wally Cake here are a few Inspiring images.

Where’s Wally Themed Party Games

Where’s Wally obviously!!

There are various ways to play this game most groups arrange for a picture of the Groom to be placed in a few of the participating Bars/Shops around the town and each group must try and collect as many “Wallys” (pictures of the groom) as they can to win.

Where’s Wally Theme Party Activity/Package

Contact us to arrange a Where’s Wally Treasure Hunt in Athlone Town.

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