Party at Home

Having a party at home for the Hen Party is more work than people think! A hen party at home involves meticulous planning & organisational skills we here at Belles & Blazers have a whole host of ideas to ensure it all runs smooth. Enlist the help of family & friends, you will need


Decorate your house with balloons, party banners, confetti & candles

Party food

This can be hot finger food, buffet style or catering from a local restaurant


Minerals, tea/coffee and of course alcoholic beverages. (Please check out our “Make your own cocktails” section)

Why not take advantage of our experience and give one of the following tried and tested options a try:

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We can arrange for your Hen Party to have a night they will truely remember. We can arrange for a life drawing in your own home. We supply all the easels, paints and floor covers so all you have to worry about is having a large room and the wine on hand to help with the giggles! You can even hang your finished masterpiece up in your house when done-if you dare!

The Ann Summers party is a classic stay at home entertainment option as we all love our underwear… and other saucy treats, not to mention helping the bride prepare for her honeymoon! You can contact Ann summers agents online or leave it to us and we can do the sourcing for you.

Invite a personal shopper to your home to sieve through your wardrobe, advising the hen on what clothes suit her best and how to most of what she has.

Let her spend the rest of the day with her very own personal shopper, take the stress out of trying to find that perfect outfit, and let the personal shopper do the hard work while she can enjoy browsing the rails with the girls.

Encourage everyone to bring outfits that have not seen the light of day in a while. Remember that dress that looked beautiful on the model in the local boutique but actually wasnt right for you when you brought it home? The poor thing has been hiding in hope ever since…perhaps a friend or another hen would work it to perfection & swap it for something that suits you. Or another idea is to invite everyone to bring their makeup bag and do each other’s makeup kinda like a grown-ups sleepover.

If you prefer a relaxed and laid back atmosphere, why not refresh some of those memories from your teen years with your bride-to-be.

You will need:

Comfy seating

preferably bean bags, pink throws, cushions & lots of pillows…for that all important pillow fight of course!

Helium Balloons

Best to put them from head height down as you want to make the room feel as cosy as possible and the balloons will make it feel like a smaller space.

Party Food

Finger food or a buffet to munch on – before the show Sparkling Wine – well any excuse really


Salted, butter & toffee popcorn ( toffee popcorn is available in Aldi or Tesco)


We all love chocolate Popcorn Boxes – Go to your local IMC cinema. They will sell you popcorn boxes for approximately 10c a box.


Dont forget to have some minerals available, popcorn is thirsty work


Pick the Hens favourite but it definitely needs to be a chick flick.

After you have watched the film you can do the following:

Games; Twister, singstar on the playstation, cards, hungry hippos … make sure they are fun, interactive games but with not much effort required. After the DVD is a great time to do any Mr & Mrs games or show a slideshow of the hens life in pictures.

(More ideas available in our “Extras” section)

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Many hens nowadays are looking for something that’s elegant, classy and allows them to spend quality time with their close friends before the big day. The tea party is a tough one to pull off but here are a few tips to get the creative juices flowing….

You Will Need:

  • China Cups
  • Tiered Cake Stands
  • Old Fashioned Tea Pots
  • Sugar Bowls
  • Jugs
  • Linen Table Cloths
  • Chair Covers
  • Linen Napkins
Colour Scheme:

Perfect colour themes for a tea party would be, pastel colors like baby pink, lilac or lemon yellow with white or cream or you could go for the full on floral look. You could do elegant invites to get people into the mood prior to the event. Request that everyone comes in vintage clothing or at least wear hats.

Decorative Ideas:

Fill vases with oranges and lemons & have some cut roses around the room. Cover the chairs with chair covers & tie with a pretty bow. Cover the tables with linen table cloths & have linen napkins for each guest. Tissue paper pom poms are very pretty and give it that little extra, these can be made following the tutorial on Martha Stewart’s site.

Catering for a tea party:

Finger sandwiches (no crusts), herbal teas, honey as a sweetner, freshly squeezed lemonade, cupcakes, scones with jam & cream. Get each guest to bake or bring along one dish or treat to help reduce costs.

If you want to make it really fun get everyone to speak in a very posh accent & play the balance the book on your head game to encourage good posture this is sure to get a few giggles. If you dont have the time leave it to us and we can arrange for the professionals to come and provide all the accessories, lighting etc to really make it a real vintage tea party.

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This is option is for the less tame hen! Encourage everyone to dress as a character from Alice in Wonderland, or make it more broad and just ask them to dress as a character from a fairytale. Make cocktails in teapots and shots in mini teacups. These could be sourced from childrens tea sets.why not have a quiz on your knowledge of fairytales or everyone could make a fairytale story about the bride. Why not have a novelty cake for your hen party at home, contact your local bakery or let us look after this for you.

What better way for the wedding guests to prepare for the mammoth task of beautifying themselves for the big day! Invite a make up artist to showthe hen party the tricks of the trade and the do’s and dont’s when it comes to make up application…If you cannot find a local one give us a call we will source one for you.

Get the experts in to show every member of the hen party the tricks in highlightling their best assets & camoflaging their least favourite areas. Colour me beautiful offer experienced professionals who assess each hen individually & offer them advise on colouring, body shape and how to work it. If you cannot find an agent give us a call and we will source one for you.

Get everyone to bring the ingredients for one dish that they like to make and get all your girls in the kitchen for the night. The more wine that flows and the bigger the kitchen you have the better. Or invite a local chef around to whip you up a few dishes whilst explaining it to you.

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