Old School Sports Day

Enjoy the nonstop sound of laughter and giggles, as you are all
transported back to your schooldays on our “Alternative Old School Sports Day”.
Teams are divided up, choose a name, and are differentiated
by brightly coloured head bands and bibs.
With the sound of your favourite 80’s, 90’s or Noughties’ music, inspiring you in the background, the fun and games begin. All the classic games are included with a few twists thrown in for good measure!

Games include:
Giant Egg & Spoon Race
Space Hopper Relay
The Real Wheelbarrow Balance Race
Tug of War
Blindfold Pillow Bedlam
The Great Welly Fling
Flipper and Snorkel Challenge
“In the Sack” Race
Egg Ball
Bean Bag Zig Zag
Tyre Run
Ostrich Racing
“Dress” a Scarecrow Challenge

Regardless of who wins, there will always be a Big Bottle of Bubbly
presented to the “Bride to be” to round off proceedings.

Takes 90 minutes

Costs €25 per person

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