Dance Classes

The following dance classes are 1 hour long min 15 people @ €15pp

• Sean Nos/The Brush Dance to Paulo Nutini & All the Single Ladies
• All the Single Ladies Dance Routine
• Tina Turner “Rolling” Dance routine
• Line Dancing

The following dance classes are 1 hour long min 15 people @ €20pp

• Irish Dancing
• Bollywood
• Jazz
• Twerking NEW!
• Tango
• Salsa
• Foxtrot
• Disco
• 1920’s Flapper
• Burlesque
• Stiletto Heel
• Hip Hop
• Charleston
• The Lindy Hop
• Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Dance Routine
• Swing
• LMFAO – Sexy and I know it Dance Routine
• Abba Theme
• ‘Sexy and I know it’ – LMFAO
• Lady Gaga ‘Telephone’ Danec Routine
• Burlesque ‘Lady Marmalade’ Routine
• Dirty Dancing ‘Do you love me’ Routine
• Disco ‘Funky town’ Routine
• Grease Theme “Grease Lightening”
• Bollywood Vibe to ‘Jai Ho’ from Slumdog Millionaire (Pussy Cat Dolls)
• 90s – Spice Girls!
• Dirty Dancing
• Salsa
• Charleston
• Irish Dancing
• Burlesque
• Disco
• Tina Turner “Rolling” Dance Routine
• Beyonce “All the Single Ladies” Dance Routine
• Thriller Dance Routine
• Zumba
• Swing
• Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
• Lindy Hop
• Great Gatsby
• Jiving

The following dance classes are 1 & 1/2 Hours long Include costumes/props as per below list min 15 people @ €25pp

• All about that Base – Complete dress-up provided wigs & jewellery (easy and hilarious routine)
• Burlesque – Props and boas provided
• Bollywood – Complete dress-up provided (lovely costume for bride to wear)
• Belly Dance – Complete dress-up provided (Lovely costume for bride)
• Thriller – Complete dress-up provided (have a wedding dress for the bride)
• 80’s Disco – Some dress-up provided (Routine Done to the “Madonna – Vogue” Song)
• Time Warp – Complete dress-up provided (Easiest dance and funniest)

Click here to see a video of the Time Warp class
• Disco – Complete dress-up provided (Routine Done to the “Hot Stuff” Song)
• Jazz – Girls will need to bring own dresses but great one to do at wedding Line Dancing – Props included
• 60’s – Full dress-up provided big full dresses
• Tina Turner “Rolling” / Proud Mary – Complete dress-up provided
• 1920’s Flappers – Complete dress-up provided
• “Hit the road Jack” – Complete dress-up provided
Click here to see a video of the “Hit the Road Jack” Jazz dance class

Dance Class & Music Video is 1 & 1/2 Hours long Include props min 15 people @ €25pp

The music video is an extra bonus to your dance lesson. You get to learn a choreographed routine and rock it out in front of a live set green screen shoot!
Pick your theme and dance style and you don’t worry about remembering the moves etc, the director will be in front and helping you throughout the filming. We will then omit all of the green background and insert animated backdrops to create a music video effect. This is a great fun way to keep all of your memories in one video.
A link of the music video will be sent to you within a week after the activity. Make sure no one wears Green to the activity. Props and accessories are NOT provided so we do encourage you to bring your own along.
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